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Know before you grow

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Plant Info Learn is a unique South African online ornamental plant database and gardening website, designed to answer your questions, give you timely advice and handy hints, and inspire you to create your own beautiful garden or planted space.

This is where problems are put to ground and inspiration blooms; where ideas bear fruit and the buds of advice open into the blossoms of questions answered.

Grow your gardening knowledge and nourish your passion for plants. We regularly plant new seeds on the website, and whenever we have ten minutes spare we are out there pruning, weeding, and giving it lots of tender loving care, so that it remains the best online source of gardening information for all South African horticulturalists, however modest the landscape they have to work with.

We’re delighted with how Plantinfo is flourishing as we add more and more content and we invite you to take a stroll around our online garden. Clicking here is another great way to use your green fingers to add yet more beauty and vigour to your garden.

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