Water friendly gardens

Water friendly gardens

Summertime, and the gardening is easy! Well, it can be if you follow the tips in our latest blog. You’ll find loads of information on preparing for a spectacular display of blooms, controlling insects without harming the environment, and most importantly, how to be a waterwise gardener 패션 오브 크라이스트 다운로드.

Normally by this time of year we would be enjoying the first summer rains, but all the experts seem to agree that this year the much-needed rains will come late 판타스틱4 다운로드. Many areas are already looking rather dry and brown, and the challenge for gardeners is how to keep our outdoor spaces looking their best, while being responsible consumers of water 모하비 dmg.

We believe that the answer lies in waterwise gardening, and especially in growing indigenous plant species which are more drought-resistant and don’t require nearly as much water as exotics 잔혹한 천사의 테제 다운로드.

Summertime also sees an increase in the number of insects in our gardens – both beneficial ones, and some which are less friendly. Encouraging birds to visit your garden is one way of helping to control insects, and you can also take more direct action by using organic, eco-friendly pesticides 오토캐드 2014 무료 다운로드.

It’s all about working with Nature, not against it. One bit of good news in a dry summer: at least snails will be shy about coming out of their shells before the rains!

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