Save lives – plant a tree!

Save lives – plant a tree!

As we celebrate Spring Day, many of us are looking to the future both in our gardens and on a grander scale. As gardeners, we believe that there’s no greater vote of confidence that you can make in the future of our Rainbow Nation, than planting a tree.

A tree that will grow and prosper long after you yourself have passed away. A tree that will provide beauty and shade to future generations of your family. A tree for birds to nest in and kids to climb. A tree that will drop leaves in someone else’s pool, or apples in your grandchildren’s baskets.

The first week of September is set aside as National Arbor Week, and it’s all about encouraging all South Africans to plant more indigenous trees. Our trees are under threat:  with increasing demand for land for houses, malls and road widening, it seems that we are squeezing the trees out.

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