Love of Nature

Love of Nature

Some people are scared of spiders, or snakes. We all know that’s an example of a phobia. The opposite to this is a real love for something – for example,  your love Nature (and living things) makes you a biophilic. Chances are that if you’ve already visited Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, or you live in Waterfall Estates, then you share our love for Nature.

With more and more people living in cities, and with virtual experiences starting to replace real ones, there is a genuine danger that we could all be cut off from Nature. This would not only be a crying shame, but could also be bad for our health.

Think how much calmer and more grounded you feel when you’re surrounded by plants and trees. Wouldn’t you like to feel this way more often, and experience the satisfaction that comes when you work with Nature, rather than against it? Creating a beautiful garden, patio or balcony is one way of retaining and strengthening this natural bond.

Celebrating Heritage Day brought us together as a nation and reminded us of our rich, deep cultural legacies, and our sometimes-turbulent past. But South Africa also has an outstanding botanical heritage, with a diversity and number of plant species unmatched anywhere else on Earth.

We can always celebrate this heritage by choosing plants that are suited to our climate and environment, and that means indigenous plants. We’ve always thought that it’s a shame that people fill their gardens with only exotic plants, when our own flora is just as beautiful and fascinating, if not more so!

Keith Kirsten recommends indigenous or at least water-wise exotics when buying new plants. These will save you time and money as they will not need as much help to become established and to thrive.

We stock a wide range of water-wise flowering plants, from nemesias to osteospermum, proteas and salvias. Digging in copious amounts compost when planting and mulching will also help save water.

By grouping plants with similar water requirements together, in different areas of your garden, you can save upto 30% – 80% of the water you would otherwise use. This is known as hydro-zoning and has long been pioneered by Keith Kirsten.

Begin with a small high-water zone close to your home for your vegetables, colourful bedding plants and bulbs. Next comes your medium-water zone – a bigger area for roses, lavender, duranta, lobularia, pelargonium and anisodontea.

The first week of September is set aside as National Arbor Week, and it’s all about encouraging all South Africans to plant more indigenous trees. Our trees are under threat:  with increasing demand for land for houses, malls and road widening, it seems that we are squeezing the trees out.

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