SPRING – It’s finally here!

SPRING – It’s finally here!

Spring means emerging from winter hibernation and the commencement of tree climbing for the younger (and maybe not so young folk) as we celebrate Arbor month, iced drinks, oversized sunglasses, outdoor sports, short shorts and of course beautiful flowers everywhere.  After a long winter, it feels good to take off one’s coat, go outside, and enjoy the weather. Not only does the light and warmth put us all in a good mood, but it also gives us more energy to accomplish our gardening goals.

This season brings extended daylight, rising temperatures, and the rebirth of flora and fauna. The word equinox comes from the Latin words meaning “equal night”, the name explains the time of the year when the day and night are of equal length, spring equinox is on the 23rd September 2018.

Spring is the time when bumblebees emerge from their hiding places to stretch their sleepy legs. The days are a flutter with renewed signs of life everywhere you turn and the spirit of starting anew begins to take hold. Spring has been celebrated throughout human history as a time of organic and spiritual rebirth following the “dying of the year” in winter.

Spring cleaning may hold different meanings to different people, to  some it may mean clearing out stale energy from their lives, and to others it may quite literally mean cleaning out their cluttered  garage. Deep cleaning around the house can sometimes pose a daunting challenge.

Maybe you’re an annual spring cleaner, and your accumulation of junk isn’t as daunting, but maybe you have put it off a few years, in that case spring cleaning this year may mean many hours of hard labor.

It is sometimes hard to distinguish between stuff that needs to be thrown away and things that can be recycled when it all looks like a huge heap in front of you.

As we step in to spring time, embrace the warm fresh air and try to give ourselves a fresh clean slate, keep in mind improper disposal of many household items can have devastating effects on the environment.

At Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds we opt for the growing trend of environmentally friendly approach to gardening.  Our environment is in crisis and, collectively, we can give our gardens back to nature.  It is time to stop the cycle of waste that we are accustomed to and the solutions can be found under one roof at Keith Kirsten Waterfall wilds.  It is time to recognize the benefits of eco-living for the sake of our planet.

  1. We promote water-wise gardening on the back of indigenous plantings.
  2. The growing of your own vegetables, fruits and herbs in between your flower beds.
  3. Recycling of waste back into the garden as compost.
  4. Rain water collection.

The rationale behind the creation of the Keith Kirsten Garden Centre revolved around protecting the environment. We believe that we need to take the lead in keeping harmful pesticides and fertilisers off our shelves and that our stock must include indigenous offerings yet not ignore favourite varieties. We also understand that modern discerning gardeners demand more than everything a garden centre should offer. They are not only looking at sustainable solutions but solutions that add value to their investment in property and lifestyle.

And why is spring our favourite season?

  • Temperatures become pleasant.
  • We have more daylight hours which improve people’s moods.
  • Sunlight provides us with Vitamins, yes it is a fact. Ultraviolet B rays from the sun come in contact with our skin and provide us with Vitamin D.  This important vitamin helps strengthen bones and teeth.
  • Windows can be opened to let the fresh air in!
  • Fruits and vegetables become abundant during spring many of our popular fruits and vegetables sprout and become ready to eat!
  • Flowers start blooming, colour in our garden becomes apparent as flowers come out of hiding and start to shine
  • The grass turns green due to the additional sunlight and energy which generates chlorophyll, the green pigment.
  • Trees, Trees, Trees! After surviving the cold winter trees come out of dormancy and provide us with vibrant blooms of red, pink and orange among other colours. It is also a great time to plant new trees as this is the month we celebrate trees with Arbor month and Arbor Day 7th September 2018.





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