For the love of gardening – and the planet

There’s no time like the present to get into your garden and start transforming it into the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of 다운로드. South Africa’s best-known gardener, Keith Kirsten, is a passionate advocate of getting outdoors year-round and a sustainable approach to gardening. A visit to his new Retail Garden Centre in Waterfall Wilds will equip and inspire you for both 다운로드!

The setting itself is spectacular – perched high above the Jukskei River, which ultimately flows into the Crocodile River and past Keith’s home at River Lodge Farm 다운로드. If visiting Keith’s Retail Garden Centre gives you a taste for the new gardening, then you can even stay at River Lodge Farm for a weekend, and live it.

Keith describes the Waterfall Wilds centre as “an introduction into the world of home horticulture and garden design… a place where gardeners can walk through carefully structured displays and be inspires to copy them, or create their own” Ms edge download.

The friendly, knowledgeable team offer exceptional service and are always on hand with advice and tips on plant selection and creating an eco-friendlier garden – a haven both for you, and our native wildlife 다운로드.

This all-natural focus eschews pesticides and harmful chemicals, and instead the centre stocks a range of organic alternatives so that even pest control becomes an act of nurturing 카카오톡 친구 다운로드. The emphasis on reducing, reusing and recycling is apparent throughout the centre – even in the restrooms.

“We promote sustainable gardening and making the most of the colours and scents of South Africa’s astonishingly varied natural flora; also water-wise landscaping and growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs 다운로드. Here at the centre, we recycle waste back into the garden as compost and collect rainwater – and we encourage all our visitors to do the same”, explains the franchisee, Cary Goodwin 한쇼 2010 무료 다운로드.

All of these solutions can now be found under one roof, and in the extensive grounds around the centre. Inside you will find tools, seeds and horticultural gifts to keep the greenest of fingers content – there’s even a special section to encourage young gardeners to explore the wonders all around them 다운로드.

Venturing outdoors, you are greeted by a sweeping views over Midrand and the mushrooming Mall of Africa as you stroll between rows of favourite flowers, foliage and vegetables – more than 3 000 varieties in all 구글포토 pc로. Carefully laid out by Keith and multi-Chelsea Flower Show medal winner Ray Hudson, the displays at the centre give you an idea of just what can be achieved with plants.

Today’s urban gardeners demand sustainable solutions that add value to their property investments, and joy and beauty to their homes. This is exactly what the new gardening is all about – improving garden aesthetics at the same time as restoring biodiversity. We all need to be responsible: using and reusing resources wisely, and gardening in tune with Nature rather than trying to fight or contain it. Gardening fashions come and go with the seasons, but biodiversity is for life.

Whether you’re just beginning life as a gardener, or you’re keen to transform a space that you’ve looked after for years, visit Waterfall Wilds for practical advice on approaches to gardening that won’t save the earth. Our team can give you practical tips on everything from planting indigenous species to creating an organic vegetable patch. There’s no satisfaction quite like enjoying a lunch in your garden, made with produce from it!

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